Website Content Creation

At Jennifer Curtis PR we appreciate the need for clear, concise, easy to read website content. In this increasingly online digital world, you are undoubtedly competing against a multitude of other businesses offering similar services, Outstanding written website content is usually one of the best ways to attract new clients. Word of mouth is also one of the most effective ways to secure new customers but a high quality website, even if it is just a landing page, can work wonders.

Think of your website as the shop window for your business; if it is littered with grammatical and spelling errors, is drab and unengaging and fails to capture all that your services have to offer, there is a danger a website browser will simply “walk on by” and keep scrolling. Conversely, having a website that is a true reflection of what your business has to offer is essential for promoting your services and securing new business and increasing revenue.

Freelance Writing Websites

It is often not enough simply to be good at what you do, but rather how your market that and package it to sell to potential customers. We will take the time and effort to help identify and clarify your key messages and business strengths, and translate these, so they are readily accessible to your target audience. Jennifer Curtis PR also uses the correct terminology for your industry within the content writing to ensure it appeals to the target audience and portrays your services professionally.

Affordable SEO Content Writer

We also have extensive experience at providing SEO content writer services (Search Engine Optimisation). Approximately 90 percent of consumers will use the internet to search for a product or service and if your website is not close to the top of the search list in Google, you are at risk of missing out on potential new business.

At Jennifer Curtis PR we identify the ‘buzz’ words that consumers enter into a search engine when looking for a particular product or service and we incorporate these into your SEO content to help ensure your website is among the first people turn to.

At JCPR we understand everyone has a different budget and outlay costs can be high in the start-up process so we will cater our services to suit your business’s financial plan.  

Google Ranking SEO Writing Services

Using SEO writing, Whitsunday business owners and those operating in other parts of Australia, can have their position in the market raised in Google search results. By using the right keywords, phrases and metadata we can help guide more traffic straight to your site. This translates into increased profit margins for you.

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