Every document needs a second pair of eyes to scan it for typos, grammatical area, spelling errors and sentence structure. At Jennifer Curtis PR we will provide that and when requested, help fine-tune your text to ensure it is concise, to the point, easy to understand and word perfect.

There is nothing worse than sending a business proposal, report or CV out, only to scan it after and realise it has several errors that could potentially lose you valuable income. By sending your work to us first, you can relax in the knowledge your files will be error-free, make perfect sense and read smoothly.

Jennifer Curtis, the founder of this PR consultancy, has held numerous positions of editorial responsibility and has a career track record that is testimony to her proofreading abilities; Senior Producer roles and the management of regional news outlets for the BBC, Cyprus Correspondent for the British Forces Broadcasting News Service for seven years, the WA Correspondent for SBS, Senior TV Reporter for Television New Zealand, Producer for Sky News and senior editorial roles for newspapers, both in Australia and overseas.

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