Digital Marketing and Blogs

Jennifer Curtis is a highly experienced blog writer who loves the challenge of researching new content and transforming it into an engaging blog that helps your clients know you’re fully up to speed with the latest industry news. If you’re a business owner who’s simply got an idea for a blog, or a basic draft or notes, that’s more than enough for us to work with. Alternatively, if you don’t know where to start, we’ll happily source potential blog subjects and you can pick as many as you think will best suit your client base.

We offer professional SEO blog writing services that are anything from offbeat and quirky to high tech and on-point. As a BBC trained journalist, Jennifer is accustomed to researching a huge range of topics and producing fluent and accurate content that your existing, and new customers, will be able to access easily and understand. Your blogs will be professionally produced, using industry specific terms and we’ll cross reference our research using multiple sources so they capture all the poignant points.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook is an easy and free way to promote your services. At Jennifer Curtis PR we have extensive experience in social media marketing, through the creation of Facebook business pages and by promoting the services your business has to offer throughout the local community and beyond. We can shoot and post short video clips and create one or multiple posts per week that will capture the attention of your client base.

Instagram is another effective way to attract new business and we can run your account as a standalone entity or in conjunction with your Facebook page. Our clients are free to email content to us or we’ll arrange a convenient time to visit your workplace and capture our own.

“At Jennifer Curtis PR we recognise the importance of engaging blog and social media content. It’s all about creating that point of difference to ensure your content stands out from the crowd. For a minimal investment we’ll promote your services, attract new customers and help you increase your revenue,” Jennifer Curtis, Consultancy founder.

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